Power dressing

Written by Anushree Bhattacharyya | Updated: Jul 30 2013, 07:40am hrs
Campaign: As beautiful as your work

Brand: Tanishq Mia

Company : Titan Industries

Agency: Lowe Lintas & Partners

The Campaign

The ad film opens on a young girl called Megha working on a presentation when her boss comes and asks about her presentation, Megha looks back at her and gets up to let her boss have a look at the screen. Her boss appreciates her work but as she is leaving tells Megha to remove her Tanishq Mia earrings. She says, Let's have the clients concentrate only on the presentation. A bit sad, Megha pulls out both her earrings. But in the next shot we see Megha entering the conference room wearing her earnings. Her boss gives her a quizzical look and points at her earnings. Megha, in a hushed voice replies, Don't worry. The presentation looks even better than me. She then begins the presentation confidently. Everyone, including her boss, appreciates her work. Even her boss smiles back at her. The ad ends with the voice-over saying: As beautiful as your work.The Mia collection by Tanishq is then displayed on the screen.

Our Take

Creating a 30-second commercial loaded with dialogues is not a big task, but being able to catch the attention of the viewer and retaining it long enough so that she watches the entire film and also enjoys it is much more difficult. The agency succeeds in both, gaining attention as well as retaining it. Many a time, women employees feel that if they put any effort into looking good, they will be immediately categorised as someone who gets by on the basis of her looks. The ad film shatters the old belief that the extra attention that comes with jewellery often detracts attention from the woman's performance in a subtle way. Through the campaign, the brand encourages women to dress up for work, and emphasizes that they need not worry that their looks will overshadow their good work. The fact that the ad depicts a real-life situation works in the favour of the brand. Along with this, it also easily spreads the message that wearing gold jewellery is no more a worrisome job, as gold jewellery can be both stylish as well as light, thus providing women yet another reason to wear gold jewellery. Without being outlandish about its the new range, the jewellery brand charms its women consumers by talking about a topic that they can easily relate to. What is interesting is that the boss is also a woman and she, too, is wearing gold jewellery. In all, Lowe Lintas & Partners and Tanishq tell a sweet and heart-warming story.