Pepsi Changes Tagline

Chennai, Feb 16: | Updated: Feb 17 2004, 05:30am hrs
In keeping with the recent change in the international tagline for Pepsi Cola, Pepsico India Holdings Private Ltd has changed its popular catch phrase from `Indha Ullam Ketkume More' to `Indha Dhagam Perisu'. Addressing a press conference here on Monday, Mr Shashi Kalathil, executive director (marketing), Pepsi Foods Pvt Ltd, said ``the change in the catch phrase is built around the realisation that the youth today not only dream and yearn to get more out of life but have the assertive spirit and confidence to make things happen.''

Mr Prakash Iyer, head, Pepsi's operations in the southern region said, ``the new tagline represents the mood of the youth in the country today which is irrepressible and confident. Tamil film superstars Madhavan and Surya will be the joint brand ambassadors for Pepsi in Tamil Nadu.''

"Indha Ullam Ketkume More" was launched in Tamil Nadu along with the national tagline "Yeh Dil Mange More" to coincide with the 1999 cricket World Cup in England.

On the pesticide controversy which surrounded Pepsi last year, Mr Kalathil said, ``the EU has not prescribed norms for the quality of aerated drinks. However, it does prescribe a quality standard for the water used in the manufacture of the drinks. Post the controversy, Pepsi tested the quality of water used in the manufacture of our product which showed that we have adhered to the EU standards.''

He added, ``Pepsi is trying to ensure that good quality water is used in the manufacture of Pepsi and we are also looking at improving our recharge efficiency.''

Mr Kalathil said that in 2003, Pepsi had registered a growth rate of 20 per cent which was 10 per cent less than its average growth rate of 30 per cent. ``However, our sales picked up after October, 2003. The household consumption and semi-urban area consumption took some time to recover while on-premise consumption has been steadily picking up.''