Opaque environment and procrastination put me off

Written by Banasree Purkayastha | Updated: Jan 8 2013, 06:45am hrs
1 The job: I love the fact that I am working for a fast growing company and creating iconic brands that employees, guests and customers love. The sense of ownership I get in terms of strategy and execution in my role as chief marketing officer is extremely gratifying for me. Of course, it is a massive plus to be working with a team of extremely young, talented and fun-loving people and be part of an empowering story that is Lemon Tree. My only grouse is travelling long distances in bad traffic.

2 The weekdays: Weekdays are spent strategising, planning, implementing and building the brand to differentiate ourselves from the competition. An essential part of the day is having fun with the team while focusing on the big picture. I like working in an organisation which has an open culture. I hate the environments that lacks transparency and where procrastination is the order of the day.

3 The weekend: Weekends are all about unwinding, catching up with life and slowing down the pace. I like to watch movies. I exercise regularly and I like to catch up on reading in my free time. Then there is my family I like to spend a lot of time with. I go out with my daughters, spend time with them, do the things they like to do and thats how I recharge myself for the coming week.

4 The toys: I am an Apple fanatic! I use their products all the time and I would buy them even if I didnt have any use for them. Their products are ultimate. They have the perfect combination of form and function . Apple, indeed, is an iconic brand. No doubts about the fact that its Apple all the way for me.

5 The logos: I am a loyalist. I have stayed with my brands over time. I am a perennial Apple loyalist while Lemon Tree Hotels is creed. Head & Shoulders for grooming and Hush Puppies for footwear are my other stock brands. I prefer Singapore Airlines when it comes to flying.