On Google trends, The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle tops Oscars chart

Written by FE Online | New Delhi | Updated: Feb 24 2014, 21:39pm hrs
Be it a film buff, movie critic or a fashion fan everyone is awaiting the Oscars with bated breath. Each year, as the Academy Awards inches closer we see a major spike in search traffic related to the event. Viewers and users are seen searching for their favourite celebrities, most stylish look, colours etc.

Google has analysed the top category nominees and trends basis top searches on Google. Here's a look at the Oscar nominees and moments that captured the world's imagination and brought people to Google Search.

Wall Street (1987) was about greed, and how good it could feel -- for a while. The Wolf of Wall Street is about unsettling excess. It never feels really good but, in what is the underlying theme of Scorsese's latest, 30 years on, excess never has to end.

Everyone hustles to survive, says the tagline. And in this latest award-scooping film by Russell, they start that exercise with their hair. Right from when the film begins, with Irving (Bale) elaborately transforming his nearly bald pate into a fashionably unswept mane, its clear that to each person in this film, appearance is the first part of who s/he wants to be seen as.

People believe what they want to believe, is American Hustles second-most repeated line. And its easy to see why the film is scooping those awards. For it may be about two con artists, an ambitious FBI agent, and a showman, if do-gooder politician, but rarely will you see character sketches as detailed about largely middle-aged people dealing with the art of survival.

Directed by American Film Director Martin Scorsese -The Wolf of Wall Street released few weeks ahead of the New Year has gained much interest from the viewers across the world and has topped the Search charts in this category.