On eve of release, Akshay Kumar on Entertainment: The basic facts

Written by FE Online | New Delhi | Updated: Aug 7 2014, 23:23pm hrs
The central premise of Entertainment, possibility of a dog inheriting a fortune, is a rather remote possibility, but Akshay Kumar is not taking any backward steps.

In fact, Akshay Kumar gets talking on the joys of having a canine for a co-star!

Check out the justification in Akshay Kumar's own words:

You know, long back, I had read an article about a Parsi gentleman who left his entire property to his dog and not his son! The poor son would not have known what hit him, but reportedly he survived as the caretaker to the inheritor, the dog!

There have been quite a few instances in the USA where people have left their worldly fortunes to their pets dogs and cats too, so yes, though not very common, such a thing is not unheard of.