Now, watch TV anytime

Written by Sudhir Chowdhary | Updated: Apr 26 2012, 05:56am hrs
Cant imagine a life without the television these days right

Especially high definition TV, which gives you a sharper, crisper picture with up to five times the amount of detail you see on a standard definition television with richer, more vibrant colours. And not only that, you get such a crystal clear surround sound that you can hear a pin drop.

While direct-to-home (DTH) services have come as a boon to the TV viewers in India, in todays busy world its not always possible to sit and watch your favourite TV show when it is broadcast on TV. Sensing a market opportunity, Zee Group-promoted Dish TV India has introduced an interesting money-saving technology for the consumers. The DTH services providers Dish truHD+ set-top box now offers unlimited recording capacity, at an unbelievable price of R2,690 for the consumers. At a basic level, Dish truHD+ is the high definition recorder service offered by Dish TV. The unique feature is its compatibility with any USB device, enabling consumers to simply plug and play an existing USB stick/ HDD, and build an entire library of their favourite programmes.

Traditional digital video recorders come with an in-built hard drive to store the recorded content. But the Dish truHD+ comes with an innovative built-in recorder software. To enjoy recording, you will simply need to plug in a USB storage device in the USB port located at the back panel of the Dish truHD+ set-top box. Thus, Dish truHD+ has dual advantage of all HD and DVR features, at the price of existing HD box only. Hence, the offer is appropriate for new users as as well as existing Dish TV customers looking to upgrade their box with the recording feature. The price of R2,690 includes the new Dish truHD+ box along with one month Dish truHD Royale Pack.

Further, as a promotional offer Dish TV is providing a 4 GB USB drive free to get the user accustomed to the concept of plugging an external device to use the recording features. The DVR features include record, rewind, forward, pause live TV etc. Whats more, subscribers can also enable time based and event based recording on the box. You can instruct your set-top box to record your favourite TV programmes at the touch of a button.

I connected the Dish truHD+ with my wall-mounted 42-inch LCD TV and waited for the action to begin. Whether it be the ongoing IPL cricket matches or HBO movies, picture quality was world-class and was a delight to the eyes. The consumer can enjoy stunning picture quality of 1080i, 16:9 picture format with 5.1 surround sound that is far richer than standard definition viewing and comes with the latest MPEG4 technology.

In addition to this, the same box is used as DVR as well by a simple plug-n-play through an external USB device. This enables all benefits of a traditional DVR like recording and playing back programmes, pausing or rewinding live TV, different play-back positions, event based recording (EBR), time based recording (TBR) and so on. The Dish TV box has a display in the front that shows the channel number when in use, and the current time when in standby mode. The display does add a lot of value, something you realise when you actually get to use it. The remote too is slim and easy to use.

Indeed, technology has made it possible and convenient for us to record TV programmes and play them back later at our convenience.