Now, tiny portable printer that moves around the page

Written by PTI | Jerusalem, | Updated: Apr 13 2014, 22:38pm hrs
Researchers have developed a small and portable printing device that drives itself around on a piece of paper, laying down ink as it goes.

Students at the Jerusalem College of Technology in Israel came up with the new idea to print documents that could do away with the paper-fed machine archetype.

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The printer is just 10 centimetres tall and 11.5 centimetres in diameter. It also runs without a tether, crawling across a page, using data wirelessly fed to it from a computer.

The user simply places the printer on a piece of paper, with the point centered on a corner of the page.

To print more than one page, the user picks up the printer when it reaches the bottom of a finished page and then sets it on the next, '' reported.

The researchers have created a company they have named ZUtA Labs and have posted their idea on Kickstarter, hoping to attract USD 400,000 in investment funds.

However, the device has some drawbacks. It is extremely slow, printing on average just 1.2 pages per minute. It's also low resolution - just 196 by 192 dpi and only prints in black and white (grayscale).

The team said if they meet their funding goal, the printer will be ready for shipping by January 2015.