Now, RSS boost for Narendra Modi, but stays mum on 'Ram Mandir'

Written by PTI | Bangalore | Updated: Mar 7 2014, 23:21pm hrs
Narendra ModiNarendra Modi is a strong leader. He is a swayamsevak himself and we are proud of it: RSS
RSS' top policy making body today began its three-day session here with the Sangh Parivar describing BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi as a "strong leader" and saying it was proud of his "swayamsevak" background.

"Narendra Modi is a strong leader. He is a swayamsevak himself and we are proud of it. The country wants a change. He has proved his worth in Gujarat," RSS Joint General Secretary Dattatreya Hosabale told reporters after the inauguration of the RSS' Akhil Bharateeya Pratinidhi Sabha meeting here.

Hosabale said Ram Mandir is not on the agenda for this meeting but it is an issue for RSS among other crucial problems facing the country.

"No, this time we do not have any such (Ram Mandir) proposal for discussions in the meeting because there is no government to implement it," he said.

The meeting would discuss issues of price rise, security and the country's pride, Hosabale said. It would also discuss the "big issue" of minority politics.

Hosabale said, "The present UPA government, in the name of minority politics, is dividing society by trying to enact several legislations like Communal Violence Bill and through Sachar Committee report and trying to establish Equal Opportunity Commission."

The Equal Opportunity Commission speaks of giving equal opportunities for one particular religious minority, he said.

"Everybody should be given equal opportunities, not only one religious community," Hosabale added.

Asked how RSS is looking at the emergence of Aam Aadmi Party, Hosabale said there is no problem for any new party to come into being, but experience of governance counts much and people are looking at such factors.

"There is no problem in the formation of a new party. However, experience in running a government counts much and people are considering these factors as they witnessed a 49-day government in Delhi," he said.

"People are wise and definitely take a decision on who has the potential to govern, and the experience of Delhi government is a lesson," he said.

To a query, Hosabale said RSS did not ever say old leaders should retire from politics as it is their personal decision.

"New generation should be given an opportunity. We did not say they (old leaders) should retire. It is their personal decision. Opportunity should be given not only in politics, but in all fields of life, from house to the Prime Minister's level," he said.

To a query, Hosabale said RSS does not guide any party on ticket distribution and BJP is experienced in this aspect.

RSS, however, is interested in 100 per cent voters turnout in Lok Sabha elections. "People should exercise their franchise, keeping the nation's interest uppermost. For this, we work and all other things political, we don't take (cognisance of)," he said.

Hosabale said RSS has not taken the decision to conduct programmes in North-Eastern states out of political consideration. "In fact, RSS has been there for the past 50 years, rendering necessary services to the people there."

He said there is a psychological gap between N-E states and rest of India, and RSS wants to remove it. "People should feel that it is a part and parcel of India, which it is," he added.