Now, Ferrari tractor for high-end farming

Written by fe Bureau | Pune | Updated: Feb 21 2013, 15:47pm hrs
TractorEscorts is lining up a range of new launches ? high on performance, technology and a touch of glamour to attract high-end farmers.
The Indian farmer is all set to get a Ferrari. With bikes and cars becoming trendy, why should tractors remain dowdy Good-looking, sleek and fuel-efficient tractors loaded with features hitherto seen in passenger cars is what Rajan Nanda of tractor manufacturer Escorts wants to offer farmers.

Escorts is lining up a range of new launches high on performance, technology and a touch of glamour to attract high-end farmers.

Farmers aspirations are growing and Escorts believes that what happened with bikes and cars will happen to tractors too they will follow the path and move towards premium higher HP and Specialty tractors. This is because Escorts research indicates that there is informal consolidation of land taking place, and farmers are moving to commercial farming and mechanisation is happening at a faster pace, making the rural landscape change rapidly.

Escorts CMD Rajan Nanda said India is producing surplus food and exporting and farmers techniques were changing as they moved towards using advanced implements and high yield varieties.

It will become difficult to spot cows with plough on Indian farms, added Nanda.

According to Escorts, the share of lower HP (less than 35 HP) tractors in the country has started to shrink. The below HP range tractor accounted for 15% of the total market in 2011-12 but was going to be at 8% next year while share of the 50 HP and above tractors was expected to go up from 12% in 2-11-12 to 23%. Similarly there is a 10 times growth expected in the specialty tractor segment from around 5,000 units to 50,000 units in the same time.

Hence, Escorts was growing its higher HP and specialty tractor portfolio. The first market Escorts is targeting with its specialty tractors are the vineyards, orchards and green houses of Maharashtra. The company launched a 26HP Ferrari in Pune on Wednesday. Escorts tied up with makers of the Ferrari Tractors of Italy, to bring their tractors to India. For now these tractors will be imported as completely-built units from Italy.

The Ferrari tractor comes with a four-wheel drive with four equal sized wheels, front-loaded engine, and oscillating-type chassis. Apart from the tie up to bring Ferrari tractors, Escorts is also growing its Farmtrac brand, which it calls the executive tractor. This is part of the companys strategy to gain leadership in the high -end segment within the next three years, Escorts joint MD Nikhil Nanda said.