Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, others: Can you predict Indias next PM App-solutely!

Written by Abhishek Chakraborty | Updated: May 11 2014, 07:10am hrs
Narendra ModiThe app asks users to predict the next prime minister of India.
Be a Millionaire

Developed by: Foreseegame, Kolkata

The app asks users to predict the next prime minister of India. The ones who get it right stand a chance to win R10 lakh. The game, which has attracted over 60,000 users, is valid till May 15 midnight. The company is also running games such as Railway Ministry, in which one can win cash prize by predicting which party will get the railway ministry.

Vote For PM

Developed by: MysticFunDrives

Will Rahul Gandhi be the next prime minister of India or Narendra Modi The app will help one get the answer. It provides the user with a list of candidates hopeful of becoming the next PM. Once one casts ones vote, it will ask one to give review for ones selected candidate with ones name. The vote will be visible to others too

for opinions.

Kaun Banega PM

Developed by: Ideafarms

It gets gamers to predict Indias next PM. The idea behind coming up with this app came from the makers of Yeh Hai Bakrapur, a Bollywood social satire. It boasts 35,000-plus downloads since its launch. It is available on Android devices.

iElect Lok Sabha 2014

Developed by: Mobispy


By using this app, one can vote for the politician and the party who one thinks will win the ongoing elections. The application contains state elections, including party names and their leaders, Centre and region-wise party and the leaders list, as well as detailed analysis of candidates. It is available on Android devices.

Voting Line

Developed by: Monocept,


In Voting Line, users first need to create their profiles and provide details like state, constituency, age, gender, etc, and register their vote for both Lok Sabha and state elections. Once they have voted, the app provides them with the report on which party or politician is dominating on that particular day.

Grabs Congress

Developed by: Foreseegame, Kolkata

In this app, one needs to predict the number of seats Congress will grab as a single largest party in the Lok Sabha elections 2014. The ones who get the correct partys name stand to win a cash prize of R1,000.

Vote for better India

Developed by: Vishalkumar Vaghasiya

Developed for iOS devices, this app helps the user choose the best person he or she thinks can be the next prime minister of the country. First, it asks the user to give information like name, gender, state of residence, etc, and select any candidate of his or her choice.