My boss has a foul temper

Updated: Nov 17 2004, 05:30am hrs
Q: My boss in the accounting firm I work for has a foul temper. I have often been at the receiving end of his ire. As a result, when I am in office I am tense. In fact, because of my nervousness, I have committed several blunders at work. That gets him angrier. How do I deal with this situation before it engulfs me

Ratna Pathak

Is his foul temper reserved only for you or is it for everyone in general If it is only against you, you have a lot to think and analyse. Is your role clear Do both of you know and agree what is expected from you on the job Are there behavioural issues in you that provoke such a response Having thought on these lines, it will be helpful to have a discussion with him. You need to also impress upon him the emotional effect it has on you. If on the other hand he is foul tempered with every one, you need to still speak to him to make him aware of the effect it has on you and the team. If no changes are seen, you should think of taking this up with his boss who can help him change.

The writer is President, Human Corporate Resources, Aditya Birla Group