Mumbai traffic: Over 1 lakh drivers penalised for offences in 5 months

Written by Megha Sood | Mumbai | Updated: Jun 30 2014, 18:22pm hrs
While over 1,08,509 drivers have been penalised for various traffic offences by the traffic police in the first five months of 2014, the maximum number of offenders caught are motorcycle riders. Data shows that BEST bus drivers are in the list of minimum violators. Further, the traffic police have collected a fine of over Rs 92 lakh during the first five months of the current year.

As per available statistics, the police have caught and penalised over 28 lakh two-wheeler riders, from January to May 31, while the figure stands at five for BEST buses.

In 2013, the total number of BEST drivers caught for violating traffic regulations were 184

as compared to 64,92,200 for two-wheelers.

According to traffic officials, two-wheeler riders are mostly caught for rash driving and helmet-less riding, while BEST drivers and other vehicle drivers are caught for various other traffic violations. We conduct dedicated drives for helmet-less riding as based on our observation, many two-wheeler riders die due to lack of helmet in accidents. We enforce the helmet rule very strongly because it saves lives, said B K Upadhyay, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic).

Upadhyay further said that if the traffic police officials catch BEST drivers committing minor offences, several times they are not penalised and instead let off with a warning. After we noticed an increase in accidents involving BEST bus drivers over the last five years, we spoke with the BEST management. They are are now conducting special training sessions for their drivers for better understanding of traffic regulations, said Upadhyay.

Apart from two-wheelers, motorcar drivers are the next highest violators of traffic laws. In 2014, till May 31, over 22 lakh car drivers were caught for various offences, followed by over 11 lakh lorry and truck drivers and over 12 lakh auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers.

The police officers further said that the number of auto-rickshaw drivers, who have been caught for rash driving, have gone up. In 2013, the total number of auto drivers caught for rash driving was 175, while the number has crossed 163 in the first five months this year.

Auto drivers have been driving rashly, which has been observed by our officials on the field, said a traffic police officer.