Mumbai costliest Indian city for travellers: survey

Written by FE Online | New Delhi | Updated: Jun 14 2014, 20:02pm hrs
Costly cityMumbai has the highest average hotel room cost of Rs 6,734. (Thinkstock)
Mumbai was named the most expensive among all Indian cities, followed by Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore in a ranking given by the TripAdvisor. Jaipur was considered to be the most budget-friendly city in the country followed by Chandigarh.

TripAdvisors annual TripIndex revealed the price of an evening out across 56 key cities around the world, including nine Indian cities, based on a survey conducted among travellers. The cities were compared on the basis of the cost of an evening out, taking into account typical costs for two people to enjoy a pre-meal cocktail, a meal out, taxis, and an overnight stay for two during the summer travel months of June to August.

Mumbai took the top spot from Kolkata this year with a total TripIndex cost of Rs 10.771.76 while Jaipur's cost index was Rs 7625.32.

Amongst the international cities, London was the most expensive city followed by Paris, New York, Stockholm and Hanoi the least expensive city for Indian travellers.

The Indian City: Story

* Hotel: Mumbai has the highest average hotel room cost of Rs 6734. Hotels in Jaipur are the cheapest to stay with an average hotel room cost of Rs 3602.33.

* Dinner: Travellers need to dish out Rs 3680.83 for a dinner for two in Chennai as against a meal in Chandigarh which costs just Rs 2163.

* Cocktail: Drinks for two in New Delhi is almost double the cost in Chandigarh. With Rs 1670, New Delhi is the most expensive city in the category compared to Chandigarh, the cheapest across all cities where the price is just Rs 860.

* Taxi: 2 journeys of 2 miles each way (6.4 kilometers) in Chennai can set you back by Rs. 151.35 while the same distance in Jaipur is a meager Rs. 60.

How Indian cities fare in comparison with other international cities

* Overall: London, the most expensive international city for a city break for Indians (Rs 31222.27) - is almost thrice the cost of Mumbai, the most expensive city in India and four times the cost of Jaipur, the least expensive city in India.

* Taxi: Oslo, which has the most expensive taxi ride (Rs 3381.24) is 22 times the cost in Chennai (Rs 151.35), the costliest in India.

* Dinner: Stockholm which has emerged the most expensive city in the dinner for two category at Rs 10270.44 is more than double the cost of Chennai which is the costliest in India with Rs 3680.83

* Hotel: At Rs 2184.99, New York is the most expensive city in the world for Indians in the hotel room rate category. It is over thrice the cost of Mumbai (Rs 6734), the most expensive city in India and 6 times the cost of Jaipur (Rs 3602.33), the least expensive city.

* Cocktail: Cocktails in Chandigarh (Rs 860) cost 4 times more than Cancun (Rs 202.32) which has the cheapest cocktails among international cities.