Multiplier Effect

Written by Jiji Janardhan | Updated: Feb 19 2013, 07:02am hrs
An uplifting campaign in the midst of an economic slowdown, the Axis Bank ad smartly talks about the multiplier effect of one mans progress.

Campaign name: Zindagi ke highway pe koi akele nahin badhta

Brand: Axis Bank

Company: Axis Bank

Agency: Lowe Lintas

The Campaign

The ad opens on a young couple in a South Indian city. The husband Venkat gets a SMS from Axis Bank announcing the Rs one lakh bonus he has got. His wife Laxmi suggests going on a holiday to Himachal Pradesh. She goes shopping for woollens and kicks off a ripple effect. As she, and so many others like her, buy winter clothes, store owner Ahmed orders for more from a knitting company. As the knitting company owner named Kapoor gets an advance, he hikes the number of employees, one of whom is Preeti. Ecstatic, Preeti applies for a home loan from Axis Bank and brings her mother, Sheetal, to her new home. The mother, in turn, buys a carpet for their new home, and as carpet weaver Vinod receives his payment, he calls home to tell his wife that their sons school fees is on its way. As the young mother and her son walk down the snow covered road in Himachal, happy in their prosperity, their path crosses that of Venkat and his wife who are now holidaying there. The ad ends with the voice-over: Zindagi ke highway pe koi akele nahin badhta (You dont walk alone on the road to progress).

Our Take

To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction, said Newtons third law of motion. Add to that: An event in your life does not impact only you, but impacts many other lives. Taking off from this premise, the latest Axis Bank campaign weaves a beautiful story of how one mans progress leads to the progress of many, with Axis Bank playing the role of sutradhar or the connector. Nicely done, the campaign highlights Axis Banks credentials as a customer centric bank and a partner in progress that walks with its customers on the highway of life; hence the tag line Zindagi ke highway pe koi akele nahin badhta.

Last year Axis Bank adopted the brand positioning of Badhti ka naam zindagi or Progress On a step ahead. The philosophy of Badhti ka naam zindagi emanated from the insight that young Indians were constantly seeking avenues to improve their economic status. So then came the campaign Zindagi ke picture me interval nahin hota. And now this campaign, which demonstrates the circle of progress and how you touch lives of others even when you do not know them. An uplifting campaign, it talks about the multiplier effect that one mans progress has on other peoples lives, and thereby the nation. Banking and financial services is supposed to be part of nation building. But instead of taking a larger than life role, the brand preferred to remain behind the scenes making the viewer feel that it is the customer who is making things happen. The ad smartly conveys the message that the protagonists hail from different parts of the country and different economic strata, but are all linked by the common aim of improving their lives. By naming each character the viewer is made to feel that he is one of them, and each customer is a link in a chain. Along with the film, Axis Bank has also come out with an app called ProgressTogether which enables its customers to acknowledge contributions of others in their progress. The application has been hosted on a microsite which can be reached on the URL and will also be mirrored on Facebook on the Axis Bank page.

(The reporter is a student of EXIMS)