More Monitors

Updated: Mar 17 2014, 08:24am hrs
It is difficult to over-emphasise the importance of project monitoring, but the government is taking it to ridiculous extents. The ministry of statistics and programme implementation (Mospi) already monitors projects above a certain size. Since this monitoring was found wanting, presumably, the government set up a project monitoring group (PMG) under the Cabinet Committee on Investment (CCI)its website gives details of 438 projects and breaks them up into those that have been cleared and those that havent. For the ones that havent been cleared, there is an analysis of why they are stuck.

Which is why it comes as a surprise to find the finance ministrys PPP division wanting to do something similar, though only for infrastructure projects. Why not just create a separate window for infrastructure projects in the CCI website which monitors all big projects anyway Or is it that the CCI/PMG website is not really 24x7 while the finance ministry one will be In which case, why not make the CCI/PMG website a 24x7 one In any case, after all this monitoring, the question is whether the projects are any closer to getting off the ground.