Mobile game brings Ramayana to life

Written by Anirban Ghoshal | Updated: Sep 2 2014, 05:10am hrs
Given the rapid uptake of mobile applications in our daily lives, game developing firms have found a new zest in using mythology or comics as the platform for their games. And India is not holding back at all. Ahmedabad-based Dream Games has developed Rama Force, an innovative and imaginary but pure strategy-driven game for iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phones and Android-based tablets.

With the global mobile games market expected to grow 27.3% annually fueled by an increase in the number of players, payers as well as a higher average spend per paying mobile gamer, Dream Games wants to capitalise on the opportunity by offering casual gamers 1.5 hours of non-stop fun with tactical planning based on the famous Indian story of Ramayana. There are about 52 games based on Greek myth available in the app stores but Rama Force is a first from the Indian stable.

Built on 2.5d isometric engine, Rama Force is an innovative and imaginary but pure strategy driven game, delivering the features and novelties that gamers demand, and will be available on mobile devices and other interactive media across the globe. The enthralling story of Ramayana, with elements of strategic moves makes Rama Force a fun loop for the casual gamers. It also provides an advertisement free gaming experience with an absolute zero interference of advertisement pop-ups that otherwise pose discomfort with the users.

The game starts with the Aranya Kanda in the story of Ramayana, which shows Lord Rama spending time in a forest and mother Sita being abducted by Ravana. Both Lord Rama and his brother Lakshman set out in the forest in search of Sita. The game progresses with the help of guide Shabri, who helps the player, move forward each step. From time to time players will see helpful tips being spelled out from Shabri in the game.

The second level of the game also covers bit of Kishkindha Kanda and goes onto Yudh Kanda in the next four levels. The first version of Rama Force comes with six levels in which the first two levels involve farming and next four levels involve combating the wicked army of Bali and Ravana in a power packed game of tower defence. This game includes a deep, evolving farming campaign and other activities like pottery, cows milk preparation, blanket making, horse purchasing, crops & fruits cultivation.

Manoj Mathur, a member of the Dream Games team, said, The first download is expected to be around 60 MB while the last three levels would be around 30 MB. While the first three levels of the game are free, the fourth and fifth are $1 each and the last three levels would cost around $2 each.

The game has a Facebook page and a teaser is uploaded on the YouTube too; so feel free to see the video before you download the game from the App store. It will also be uploaded on Google Play Story soon. The Facebook page also shows the activity and updates of the game.

According to company officials, Rama Force has the huge potential to be widely popular in the Indian market as this is the first time an Indian-myth based game has been released which can be played on a

mobile phone. Kids can enjoy the game and live a part of the epic via the game, Mathur said. He added that 48% of the global revenue of mobile games comes from the Asia-Pacific region and thus India is a suitable market for the game.

With Rama Force, Dream Games intends to take mobile gaming from India to the next level where local content will be delivered for the global audience, Mathur said.