Nina Davuluri takes Miss America racism in stride, hits back, Mahatma Gandhi style

Written by PTI | Washington | Updated: Sep 24 2013, 14:51pm hrs
Miss America Nina DavuluriMiss America Nina Davuluri poses for a photo in Atlantic City. Reuters
Rather than hit back with harsh words, a victim of racism after being crowned Miss America over the weekend, Nina Davuluri, who is of Indian origin, has announced that she will use her position for celebrating diversity through cultural competency - no harsh words, no criticism, just a push to the movement forward into a better future. Something that Mahatma Gandhi would empathise with, surely.

Miss America is the largest scholarship organisation for young women in the world making USD 45 million available to young women across the country.

Nina Davuluri, 24, who has been working on these issues for the past several years now, yesterday asked her fans to forward representative thoughts and stories about their experiences on how "we as a nation" can advance cultural awareness. I'm so proud to be the first Miss America of Indian descent,"said Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014.

Nina Davuluri is the first Indian American to have been crowned with the coveted title.

"She isn't the Miss America of ten years ago and she's not going to be the same ten years down the road," she said.

"Children can look at me and see that they can break barriers, be who they are and be successful despite their race or socio-economic status. I want to use this opportunity to encourage positive dialogue among all Americans about the ways in which we are all unique and how that makes us stronger as a country," Nina Davuluri said.

In a statement, she said people can send information using the hashtag #CirclesOfUnity on Twitter to @MissAmerica, Instagram to @missamericaorg and to

"This year, 13,000 young women began the journey to Miss America. Nina Davuluri is representative of a new generation of women - a diverse generation of women - who are making their mark, through education and community service." said Sam Haskell, chairman and CEO of the Miss America Organisation.