Mini rake scheme relaunched for short traffic

New Delhi, Sept 14 | Updated: Sep 15 2005, 05:30am hrs
To facilitate rail users paying lesser freight (trainload rate) for a composition of 20 wagons (covered stock), the mini rake scheme has been reintroduced for short traffic up to September 30, 2005. This scheme has been made applicable for a distance of 400 km. The free time for loading/unloading of wagons under the scheme is five hours.

A railway ministry releases said that station-to-station rate scheme and the freight concessions in empty flow direction of wagons and during non-peak period are not applicable for traffic moving this scheme.

The ministry has already introduced some initiatives like relaxation in free time rules for loading and unloading of wagons to meet the expectations of trade and industry. Also the free time for loading and unloading of jumbo rakes has been increased uniformly from eight hours to nine hours.