Written by Anushree Bhattacharyya | Updated: Nov 5 2013, 18:11pm hrs
Milind Soman and Isaiah MustafaMilind Soman and Isaiah Mustafa
A rip-off of the original ad featuring Isaiah Mustafa, this Old Spice ad with Milind Soman desperately trying to look young and sexy falls flat

The Campaign

The television campaign is a series of three ad films showing what one needs in order to be a real man. Actor and model Milind Soman who has been roped in to play the Old Spice Man under various situations talks about how one can be the real man by citing his own example. In one of the television commercials, seated on a throne Soman tells the viewers that earlier he used to think that in order to look macho he was required to gel his hair or take care of his sexy chest but he was utterly wrong. In the meantime as the camera pans on his chest, it loses focus and Soman asks the cameraman to focus. He then goes on to ask the viewers that the question is what a man needs in order to be the real man. Does he need various polo awards or bravery awards or membership in the Principality of Monaco He then tells the viewers that he has the answer to the question and says, Sweetheart, call the helicopter. As a toy helicopter begins to encircle around Soman, he finally tells the audiences that if one wants to be the real man then one needs nothing but Old Spice. Soman then informs the viewers about the ingredients that are used to make Old Spice. He finally bids adieu to viewers saying he has an important meeting.

Campaign: Smell mantastic

Brand: Old Spice

Company : Procter & Gamble

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Our Take

India may be a few steps behind countries such as the US or

Japan when it comes to availability of technology but at least not in the case of entertainment. An Indian rip-off of the original Old Spice Man played by American actor Isaiah Mustafa, Soman is nothing like Mustafa in this Old Spice ad. In fact, the fast pace of the original scripts and the tongue-in-cheek remarks and quirky monologues by Mustafa made him a household name in the US in 2010. On the contrary, the slow-paced monologues by Soman makes

the ad film boring. Whats more, the script fails to infuse any tinge of humour which played a big role in drawing viewers attention in the original US campaign. The decision to select Soman too seems have gone wrong as he looks a complete misfit. Interestingly, Old Spice had launched a new campaign earlier this year featuring its new official chief director of marketing, Mr. Wolfdog. At a time when rest of the brands are trying to remain up-to-date by launching international campaigns in India, P&G is following the old mantra of recycling international campaigns by giving them an Indian touch. This is not going to work in favour of the brand, not at a time when the Indian audience is in sync with global advertising trends.