Mayawati slams BJP, says Ambedkar not anti-Muslim

Written by RAMENDRA SINGH | Lucknow | Updated: Apr 27 2014, 14:22pm hrs
Invoking B R Ambedkar and his conversion to Buddhism, BSP chief Mayawati Saturday urged Dalits to see through the BJPs ploy of calling them part of Hindu religion to get their votes.

At a rally, she said BJP leaders are now visiting the bastis of Dalits and telling them they are Hindus, but these leaders would not want to enter those bastis once elections are over.

I want to tell you people, especially Dalits, that BJP leaders are now telling you that you are Hindu and BJP is uniting all Hindus. But had these people not practiced untouchability and casteism, they would not have had to do all this, she said.

Explaining why Ambedkar adopted Buddhism, she said, He found his people will never get respect in Hindu religion because of untouchability and casteism. So he adopted Buddhist religion on October 14, 1956, along with his followers.

BJP calls Dalits Hindus only during elections and eats in their utensils but later when they visit those Dalit localities, they will cover their faces. They hate you so much, she added.

She said the BJP was afraid of failing to form the government if Muslims supported the BSP, which is why it was claiming that Ambedkar was against Muslims to divide Dalits and Muslims. Had Dr Ambedkar been against Muslims, he would have drafted a Constitution based on Hindutva and not a secular Constitution. Whatever security Muslims have in this country is because Babasaheb drafted a secular Constitution, Mayawati said.

She urged Muslims to play a special role in stopping BJP from coming to power by voting for BSP.