Maruti Suzuki market share nears 50 pct: 5 power points

Written by Car Dekho | Updated: Mar 28 2014, 21:57pm hrs
MarutiMaruti Suzuki has undoubtedly shown excellent performance when it comes to after sales service.
Maruti Suzuki India , the leading passenger carmaker in India holds the same position in the Indian market as that of Ford Motors in America. There are definite reasons behind this overstatement and one of them is that Maruti has made more progress than any other automaker. In India, people rely on this brand as it caters to most of their needs be it a small car or a full-fledged premium sedan. There are several reasons behind its success story in the Indian market but one cannot deny its first-mover advantage here. Companies like Nissan, Ford, GM, Honda and Toyota started late in exploring the Indian market with their long standing international experience, incessant financial supremacies, advanced technological know-how and competitive pricing. But Maruti has continued to flourish in the market despite everything that has been thrown at it by its globally bigger rivals.

Here are a 5 power points that keep it in top position in India:

Strong after sales service:Maruti has undoubtedly shown excellent performance when it comes to after sales service in this country. The company has provided its service stations at almost every nook and cranny of the country from the towns and cities to the most remote areas where it is hard to find large quantity of passenger cars. This could be termed as the backbone of its progress card in this country as people before buying any car wants to confirm service centers available in their region.

Spare Part Availability:The availability of spare parts and components conforms to the above mentioned point. Since Maruti has a vast range of products across different segments, there are several engines and components that can be shared with the cars in other segments. For instance, if certain component fails to work in Wagon R, there are chances it can be drafted in from Maruti Alto despite representing different segments. This also means that if some product or car is discontinued, consumers are not disheartened as they can find the desired component from existing models. So, reliability factor is one of the most important aspects of the success of this company.

Low Prices:As mentioned above the people of India are price conscious people and want to know all ifs and buts before shelling out money. Maruti has taken care of this very aspect since its inception in the market and offered top notch products with price tags that can easily be swallowed up by the office goers and middle class family men. Secondly, Maruti has been using similar mechanics under the hood across its range of products as it knows the price quotient mindset and also this sharing of mechanics helps it to cut manufacturing costs of the components. Its like killing two birds with a stone as instead of spending large amount of money into producing a single car, the average cost per car comes down right to some extent.

Brand Image:Maruti has always maintained its brand value despite of severe competition. Like other consumer brands in the market, the desi brand Maruti is still well connected with the consumers and when we see advertisements like India comes home in Maruti Suzuki, the emotional quotient of the people of India automatically wakes up. So the brand image has certainly affected the lifestyle.

Upgrades:The company has been adapting new technology with new engines and facelifts coming regularly. Though its popular cars like Maruti 800 and A-star have been terminated, Maruti Celerio is being introduced to fill the gap with newer technology to ensure that the company is still on the magical sales stride.

Despite all the positive vibes, Maruti Suzuki has faced setbacks recently, but is back in the game by again claiming the top position with latest sales statistics showing its market share increased to 49.8 percent. Cars like Maruti Alto, Swift hatchback and Swift Dzire compact sedan has contributed enough to its sales chunk so far. Interestingly, where the auto industry has reportedly faced a huge decline of 4.6 percent in sales, Maruti registered a 4.5 percent increment.

Maruti Celerio