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Written by Sudhir Chowdhary | Updated: Jan 3 2013, 14:25pm hrs
A plug-and-play device that converts any laptop running on Windows 8 into a touchscreen

To take full advantage of Microsofts new Windows 8 operating system, which integrates touchscreen functionality, a variety of PC makers are offering new touch-enabled devices that are designed to run it. But imagine a Windows 8 experience on a mouse-driven desktop or a laptop Wont it be akin to driving your Fiat car of 1980s on the Jaypee international racing track This is because Microsofts latest operating system is the first truly gestural version of the Redmond-based companys best-selling software. Minus the touch feature, it might make even veteran Windows users disoriented if they were to run it on their old machines.

The reality is that there are 650 million Windows 7 users awaiting upgrade to Windows 8, while 60 million have already migrated. The majority of these users have non touchscreen-based systems. Fortunately, there are innovations that make it possible to convert a regular laptop screen into a touch screen at a very affordable price.

Bangalore-based Jeswill Hi-Tech Solutions has devised a way out. It has come up with a plug-and-play device that converts any laptop or desktop monitor running Windows 8 operating system into a touchscreen. Their scratch free eTouch Pen enables comprehensive experience of every feature with just a touch, tap, drag or slide. It is priced at R3,999. Now that is really some edge-cutting technology.

Users can write on screen, draw or annotate, edit photo and use it for gaming. The compact, cordless eTouch Pen which carries FCC and CE certifications, uses ultrasound and infrared technologies and does not require drivers for installation. The 17.4 gm gadget currently supports monitors upto 17 inches. Hi-Tech Solutions will soon launch compatible products for larger screens, all-in-ones and for Windows 7 machines.

eTouchPen has three componentsa receiver with magnetic strip, a pen, and the USB cable. Consumer needs to simply insert two SR41/LR41 batteries in the pens compartment, attach metal strip to the monitor, slide the magnetic receiver unit on it, and connect through USB and finally a onetime calibration with the screen!

Want one touchscreen laptop Make one out of yours with this device.

Estimated street price: Rs.3,999