Lotus Refineries demand probe into NSEL's settlement procedure

Written by Press Trust of India | Mumbai | Updated: Oct 11 2013, 05:14am hrs
Lotus Refineries, which has filed a claim suit worth Rs 2,773.29 crore against crisis-hit NSEL in Bombay High Court, today demanded a probe into settlement procedure of the exchange stating that it had not received Rs 1,704 crore, which is shown as paid in bourse records.

Making public the transaction details with NSEL, Lotus Refineries accused the spot exchange of faking the RTGS details, Lotus Refineries said in a statement here.

NSEL officials were not available for comment.

The bank statement details of Lotus Refineries shows that while NSEL claimed that money was transferred in Lotus Refineries accounts, it was never credited, the release said.

"We demand a stringent probe into the malpractice; we suspect that the amount might have been used for money laundering," Lotus Refineries spokesperson said.

Lotus Refineries was among the first company to challenge NSEL and drag the spot exchange to Bombay High Court. The company filed a claim suit worth Rs 2,773.29 crore against NSEL in Bombay High Court for goods being in the possession of the exchange (defendant) acting in fiduciary capacity in the warehouse owned and managed by the commodity exchange.

Earlier, National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL) had proposed to initiate default proceedings against Lotus Refineries saying it owes Rs 252 crore to investors.

As per the claim suit filed by Lotus Refineries in the High Court against NSEL, Lotus Refineries has purchased goods worth Rs 2,665.04 crore while trading on the Exchange. However, NSEL had failed to deliver goods worth Rs 2,640.79 crore until this date, it said.

The Bombay High Court has appointed a court receiver to take stock of the inventory of goods as set out in its complaint by Lotus Refineries against the NSEL.