LG Pro 2 review: Among best top-end phones you can buy now

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi | Updated: Jun 8 2014, 15:34pm hrs
LG G proThe phone comes with 16GB inbuilt storage. That is good enough to put off the purchase of a storage card if you have been left broke by the cost of this phone.
It is somewhat ironical that I am writing the LG G Pro 2 review days after the launch of the LG G3. The Indian mobile market, as big as it is, does not seem to stimulate LG enough and it has been taking its own sweet time bringing its smartphones to India. It is even more surprising because LG has the kind of phones that can really make an impact in the market. Of late, there seems to have been a gradual change in this attitude and phones are making it to India quicker than before. The G Pro 2 has taken just a couple of months, an achievement in itself.

Specs: 5.9-inch true FHD-IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen (373 ppi) | 2.26 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor | 3GB RAM | 16GB internal memory + 64GB external | micro SIM | 13-megapixel rear camera, 2-megapixel front camera, Full HD video recording | 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4, GPS, DLNA, NFC, Miracast | 3200mAh battery | Android 4.4.2 KItKat

Price: Rs 45,500

Design: There is a simple way to explain the design of the LG G Pro 2. Flatten the LG G-Flex and this is what you will get. The rest of the design is identical and this phone even has the rear controls that I liked on the curved phone. The rear textured rear flap makes it easy to grip despite the extra-large size. There are LED indicators on the top bezel and rear power button to alert if something needs your attention. Having used a BlackBerry for many years, I just loved this small feature.

Screen: The 5.9-inch screen is one of the stars of this phone. It is as good as phone screen get these days, till the advent of 4K. The viewing angles are superb and the touch is responsive. Overall, the G Pro 2 is among the best devices to watch a long movies on.

Performance: I used this as my primary phone for over a week and never did the phone fail me. There was not a single app crash or a hint of a lag. In fact, even with multiple resource intensive apps running the phone did not heat up one bit. Incidentally, in benchmark tests the phone comes a notch below the LG G2, but that is a just a ego game that top draw phones engage in.

Camera: The 13MP camera is good and performs reasonably well in all conditions.I was impressed by the auto-focus, which is fast and precise. The camera works especially well when the subjects are close by and well lit. Low light images are decent, though they lack a bit of detail. However, the camera app gives you a lot of controls, almost as much as a point and shoot camera.

Storage: The phone comes with 16GB inbuilt storage. That is good enough to put off the purchase of a storage card if you have been left broke by the cost of this phone.

Software: The interface has been tweaked a bit by LG, but it does not take away the simplicity of KitKat. Some of the tweaks are real value adds, like the knock code feature. The best thing about knock code is that it can be used by others too and is easy to explain, but cannot be easily copied. The knock to on feature eliminates one of my biggest issues with Android. I also like the fact that text messages appear as a pop-up whatever you are doing, but does not prevent you from carrying on with the work. The phone is loaded with a handful of useful software, among them the quick remote app that let me control most electronic items in my house within seconds.

Battery: The battery is good enough for you to charge this phone just once a day.

Connectivity: With my iPhone 4 connectivity has been a huge issues over the past few weeks. I sit in a basement and the network is not good enough to reach there. However, the G Pro 2 solved this issue for me as I could finally take a call from my seat.

Verdict: The LG Pro 2 comes across as a good, dependable flagship phone. If you are looking for a high-end smartphone this is among the best you can buy at the moment. No, this phone does not offer a lot extra, but what it lacks in innovation, it makes up with hard work.