Letters:Election-eve largesse

Updated: Jul 5 2014, 07:25am hrs
This is in reference to the edit Quota Warriors (FE, June 28). The approval of reservations for Marathas and Muslims in Maharashtra government jobs and educational institutions by the Congress-NCP government with an eye on state assembly elections further ditches the chances of meritorious persons. When there is case for phasing out the reservation system, the Maharashtra government has been perpetuating it, much to the chagrin of meritorious persons. Reservation sets trend for other states to follow suit. This reservation is also in gross violation of the Supreme Court directive that the total reservation should not exceed 50%, as with the new quota provisions, the state now has 73% of seats under reservation. If the court orders control the ruling elites, the plight of the unreserved category would be woefully bad. In due course of time, it would not be surprising if all or some of the states extend reservation up to 100%. In such a case, the people with forward class tag are subjected to heightened injustice. If amendment is made in Parliament for reservation for people belonging to all the castes and communities on a pro rata basis, at least it would provide some solace to the present unreserved category. Because people belonging to every caste and community would have some share in the employment market and educational institutions. Government-sponsored discrimination, called reverse discrimination, should come to an end.

KV Seetharamaiah