Letters to the editor

Updated: May 24 2014, 02:47am hrs
Modis responsibility

Apropos of "The Modi era begins" (FE, May 20), Narendra Modi, winning so emphatically, has made history and found a place in history. It is almost entirely just one mans victory. Holding simple majority by itself in Lok Sabha, the BJP, and Narendra Modi, is set for a presidential form of government in practice. So, Modi has more responsibility resting on his shoulders than any other prime minister. He may remain as a RSS man. But as PM, he has to look after the interest of a majority who have not voted for him. He has to remove the fear in their minds and win their confidence. As pointed out, Modi would be wiser to downplay both sorts of nationalism, the Hindutva and the protectionist variety of economic policy. To sustain confidence he has to get the economy growing faster and make the benefits reach all the people.

Jacob Sahayam


Modern gowdowns needed

Apropos of the column Modern storage must to cut FSA burden (FE, May 21), the Food Security Act, of course, poses a dire need to augment the storage facilities which are not at all commensurate to the current procurement. Open-yard storage causes wastage of grains which could have been freely distributed to the deserving poor or even sold off in the market. As has been suggested by the author, low-cost, modern storage facilities could solve this problem to some extent. Instead of the government constructing godowns with modern storage facilities, allowing private players to construct godowns on PPP basis and empowering them to store on behalf of the government for rent will strengthen storage facilities further. Another feasible idea is to form large-scale farmers clusters which construct godowns with government subsidy to store the grains from their respective region. This will increase the storage capacity and solve godown shortage to store agro products while pushing transport costsfrom fields to distant godowns.

NR Nagarajan


The Congress in denial

Apropos of the edit Still in denial (FE, May 21), Congress was in denial about all the scams that had tarnished its image and is still in denial about the reasons for its stunning defeat in the 2014 general elections wherein it has fared so badly that it risks being demoted from the status of recognised party to just a recognised group. All good can be wiped out by just a few bad and the Congresss failures were so hyped up by rival parties and good acts were not communicated to the people. This defeat is a mirror shown by the increasingly impatient electorate that has signaled that a Gandhi surname cannot get you places, only work canand the sooner the Congress high command realizes this, the better. Hollow talks of restructuring, grassroots connect is vague. The party needs re-inventing. Shake up a lot of dust, get rid of the termites in the party, strengthen the leadership and win

Indias trust again.

Gaurav Gupta

New Delhi