Letters to the editor

Updated: May 16 2014, 02:33am hrs
Great expectations

Apropos of the report, Polls see Narendra Modi@PMO (FE, May 13), it is with great relief that the common man received the results of the exit polls that predict a comfortable victory for the NDA led by Narendra Modi. The common mans desire is that the final outcome also be same. This is mainly because there is going to be no fractured verdict which otherwise would have led to near-anarchy, horse trading and finally the installation of a weak government propped by a loose coalition which would have fallen sooner rather than later, causing huge loss of taxpayers money, thanks to elections within a short period of time. The tireless work undertaken by Narendra Modi right from the day he was named the PM candidate of the NDA is commendable and if at all the NDA is able to form a stable government after May 16, the entire credit has to go to Modi. With the mandate to lead the nation, his responsibilities have also increased manifold and it is time, he comes forward to unite the people of India using the politics of compassion and equity as the binding glue irrespective of caste, community and religion. He should also concentrate mainly on developmental activities, avoiding controversial implementations and should with determination, keep under check some of the hardcore reactionaries found among the saffron clan who, by their words and deeds, would bring disgrace to his government. Not only the nation but the whole world is anxiously waiting to see a what Narendra Modi brings with him as a national leader, if there is any transformation in him.

Tharcius Fernando, Chennai

Exit polls

True interpretation of statistics lies more in what it hides than what is revealed. Opinion/exit polls may have matured over time in projecting vote share from sample size to actuals. The problem in a highly segmented electorate lies in deducing the seat share from the vote percentages. Remember, in the 2004 Lok Sabha polls, AIADMK had a 30 % vote share with no seats and in 2009, with 23% vote share, it had 9 seats! Let us therefore take the 2014 exit polls merely as another exercise to improve the newschannels hit rate.

R Narayanan, Ghaziabad