Letters to the editor

Updated: May 2 2014, 02:45am hrs
Relief for farm sector

The low income of the farmer compared to those working in other sectors is a major problem. Your editorial Hiking farm returns (FE, April 29) holds that increasing MSPs is not the answer but increasing yields is. However, increasing yield alone may not be the answer. We have to take steps to solve the basic problems faced by the farm sector. Majority of farmers are small farmers. Suggestions have been made by experts for consolidation, improvement in transport, using technology to advantage, market reforms, etc, for the farm sector. Market linkage and information dissemination has to be kept in mind. Remunerative pricing of farm products for the farmer and reasonable pricing for the consumer is needed. Besides, there are infrastructure requirements that have to be met, especially storageif production of perishables like fruits and vegetables has to increase, more cold storage facilities have to be build. Hiking productivity and production should be in harmony with setting up required facilities and other reforms.

Jacob Sahayam