Letters to the editor

Updated: Mar 26 2014, 07:51am hrs
Ministerial strength

It is significant to note that the Bihar government could work as it did earlier even after a large number of ministers belonging to the BJP quit after the break-up of JD(U) and BJP alliance some time ago without any new addition done to replace BJP ministers by chief minister Nitish Kumar. Running a government with a lesser number of ministers and that too quite efficiently proves beyond doubt that ministry-size is kept large only for political requirements and not for any kind of administrative efficiency. Many-a-times ministers of state both at Centre and in states have complained to the Prime Minister or chief ministers, respectively, about negligible work assigned to them by their senior colleagues, further establishing wastage of public-funds on extra ministers. With the national elections round the corner, can the major political parties take a decision to only have ministers where they are actually needed That would, indeed, be a sign of political maturity.

Madhu Agrawal


The MH370 tragedy

It is sad to note that all the 239 people aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft are feared to have lost their lives, after the news of the debris being found in southern Indian Ocean has surfaced. In fact, search operations have been the centre of discussion across the world. The tragedy has posed serious questions over air safety measures. Even though, statistically, air travel remains the safest mode of transport, it is certainly a disturbing factor is that, so far, accidents involving aircraft have claimed numerous lives the world over. It must be kept in mind that air travel is a low probability-high consequence risk. And India is no exception to such air tragedies. Even amid the hue and cry over such incidents, no one can rule out the joy of flying. The time has come for countries to apply state-of-the-art technology in order to ensure the overall safety of the passengers.

P Senthil Saravana Durai