Letters to the editor

Updated: Mar 24 2014, 09:00am hrs
The man of the moment

Apropos of the column There is a Modi wave (FE, March 12) by Surjit S Bhalla, which talks about the perceived surge of support for the BJPs prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, the fact is that Modi seems to be the only leader intelligent and smart enough to tap into the transformation that India has been going through over the last few years. Todays Indiansmoulded by decades of democratic, economic and social transformationare increasingly wary of caste, communal and regional politics, and are looking for leaders like Modi, who can provide solid economic growth and development. At the same time, one cannot overlook the pitiful living conditions of some residents of Gujarat. The real measure of a societys progress is in how well its poorest, most vulnerable citizens live. Perhaps Kerala is the only state that would perform well on this test.

Mohandas Krishnan, Ahmedabad

BJPs branding

In the Idea Exchange programme (FE, March 16), Union commerce minister Anand Sharma states that BJPs marketing, branding are attractive, but the end product is substandard. Then why didnt the Congress try and use its branding to bring better products Whether there were some false claims about Gujarats achievements and the model by Narendra Modi or not, he was able to project them as true and great through the media. The failure of the Congress was the silence of its PM and Rahul Gandhis efforts came too late. The aggressive model of the AAP is coming up. Can the Congress tackle all this

Jacob Sahayam