Letters to the editor

Updated: Feb 12 2014, 07:55am hrs
The AAP manifesto

In his column "Arvind Chitra Katha" (FE, February 10), Shekhar Gupta has given a fine account of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's views on the problems of India and solutions, based on his book Swaraj. And for those like us who didn't have the chance to read the book, Gupta's review is helpful. Of course, the problems of India are well known. For solutions, we need not go to Chandanmama or Vaishali. The benevolent kings of Travancore brought many reforms. During the reign of the last king, compulsory primary education was introduced. Gram sabhas were functioning in some places. But most of them were like khap panchayats, as the author points out in his column. Could khap panchayats represent gram panchayat rule We need not look elsewhere. The few days of Kejriwals Dharna drama in Delhi and his terming himself an anarchist has clearly exposed the AAP manifesto. If our Panchayats work well, our panchayati raj, with decentralised planning and working, can be made to work wonderfully. In fact, corruption was in our blood since the olden days. So what we need is may be a streamlining of our institutions and systems to put them to best use. But improving governance is a continuous processchanging and using updated tools and technology to the best advantage. For its success, we need not turn to anarchists, but work sincerely in a disciplined manner.

Jacob Sahayam