Letters to the editor

Updated: Feb 11 2014, 09:04am hrs
Reduce grains wastage

Apropos of the editorial 'Fiscing Food' (FE, February 6), whereas over-abundance is always welcome everywhere, in the case of FCI, it is a curse in disguise. Due to its inadequate storage capacity, excess foodgrains get rotten under the open sky. Two solutions lie in this respect. Either it has to increase its storage capacity to an adequate level (which is well nigh impossible overnight at this juncture), or to export excess foodgrains (after feeding hungry millions two square meals a day), which would bring in valuable forex for the national exchequer rather than saving 40,000 crores internally per annum.

Debabrata Sengupta


Farewell, Maruti

Apropos of the news report After 30 yrs of dream run, M-800 drives into the sunset (FE, February 8), it is sad that after remaining Indias most popular car for 30 years, Maruti 800 has fallen to the stricter emission standards. Maruti came as a breath of fresh air for car-buyers who so far had a limited choice, between the Ambassador and the Fiat, with very few takers for the Standard Herald. Maruti 800 was not just another car but the new generation car with a sleek, attractive exterior and comfortable interior and unmatched driving pleasure. Priced at R50,000 at the time of launch in 1984, it was an instant hit and became the aam aadmis car. I purchased one three years later in 1988, which was then priced at R88,000. I used it for 24 years with no major repairs required and emission still within the norm. I had to dispose it off in 2012 because the period of registration was going to expire. Now, the customer has a wide array of choice. Still, car-owners like me will remain nostalgic about Maruti 800.

MC Joshi, Lucknow