Letters to the editor

Updated: Jul 20 2013, 10:36am hrs
Apropos of the editorial Rupee repercussions (FE, July 11), at a time when we need our exports to rise, it is a very sad thing that even a weak currency that should normally increase exports, couldn't do it. So, we have to find the reasons and make amends to improve the situation. If reduced global demand is the reason, how could other countries do better than India We have to increase productivity and cut costs, use technology to our advantage and make our goods of a better quality and competitive in price. As you rightly mentioned in your editorial, while the weaker rupee has not really translated into gains for exporters, it has made imports costlier and could hurt companies that borrowed in dollar loans but left loans unhedged. Then, apropos of your news story Labour laws, costly credit crumple garment exports (FE, July 11), employment generation will witness a rise only if required reforms are brought in labour laws so that the entire organised and unorganised labour sector benefits. The management has to play a big role in this regard. However, if management fails to promote required growth, what is the use of our management schools and management studies We must be able to make them practical and progressive, to find solutions to make industries successful.

Jacob Sahayam