Letters to the editor

Updated: Feb 7 2013, 09:25am hrs
Severing ties

Apropos of the news story Nissan likely to sever ties with Hover on poor sales network (FE, February 5), the story was misrepresentative of the strong relationship between Nissan Motor India and Hover Automotive India (HAI). Nissan is in no way seeking to end its ties with HAI nor is it seeking a new distribution partner for future Datsun models as implied in the story. Also, Nissans current network is very strong and has grown rapidly to 85 outlets, rising to a target of 95 by March 2013, and is to expand to more than 300 outlets with around 85% market coverage.

Lavanya Wadgaonkar

Head, communications, Nissan India

Our correspondent replies:

Disputes at Nissans dealerships in India are already public and well-documented across news reports. Nissan India MD had replied on record when asked about the relationship with its India marketing partner several times during the interaction. The reporter continues to stand by his report.