Letters to the editor

Updated: Jan 21 2013, 06:17am hrs
Reviving growth

Apropos of the column Reviving the growth momentum (FE, January 7), somewhere it has been the governments disoriented policies that have been hurdles to economic growth and have led to high inflation. The GDP of the country dipping to a low of 5.3% is a serious matter, especially for a country claiming to be a future superpower. The lack of confident leaders is hindering the development of the nation. For a country that aspires for at least 8.5% growth, a growth rate of below 6% currently is damaging.

Mahesh Kapasi, New Delhi

Tribute to violin maestro

If music is art, playing it to perfection is essential to bring out its essence. MSG, or as MS Gopalakrishnan was popularly known, was one rare musician who had a complete proficiency in both the Carnatic and Hindustani versions of the Indian classical music. MSGs contributions to Indian classical music are significant and his loss would be greatly felt by the music world.

Srinivasan Umashankar, Nagpur

Railway fare hike

Finally, railway fares have been hiked. It was long pending. Not hiking rail fares was more of a political gimmick to appease the aam aadmi with no economic sense attached to the viability or otherwise of the Railways. This step of nominal fare increase is a step in the right direction. However, its time for the Railways to exhibit its concern over security and safety issues. Due care must be channelled towards these aspects that seem to have taken a back seat. Apart from these, expansion of platforms, increasing the frequency of passenger trains in remote areas need more work.

Ashok Jayaram, Bangalore