Letters to the editor

Updated: Jan 12 2013, 06:01am hrs
The height of injustice

This is with reference to your article Companies failed but directors are still in demand. I am Amandeep kaur, a student of LPU Punjab and on the second anniversary of the collapse of many financial institutes, I am eager to know who actually deserves to be denigrated September 15, 2008, proved to be an ironical and woeful collapse of Lehman Brothers, which had a golden history of 158 years.

One of the astonishing truths is that in a nation like ours, even those people were affected in one or another way who had absolutely no link to the so called Recession Monster and the duping part is that those who were actually responsible (the directors and CEOs of all financial institutes of America) have already been rescued from their virtual failures. We have our delusions, but was it actually Lehman Brothers from where this seed sprouted out The earnings of the biggest Wall Street banks remain cadaverous and the news of re-appointments of the same names who were actually the guilty leaves us with a cold sweat. In conclusion, I would like to raise a question: is it justified to step towards an another possible recession giving power to those hands who shattered world economies once I hope youll help me in finding the answers to my questions.

SC Aggarwal