Letters to the editor

Updated: Dec 25 2012, 09:04am hrs
Brand Modi in Gujarat

Winning is always a good experience but earning a hat-trick is the best thing ever and Narendra Modi did that in style and exemplary confidence. The kind of qualitative development that Narendra Modi has shown in Gujarat consistently in the last one decade bears testimony to this fact. He is among the very few efficient administrators in the country who have that rare ability to turn the things around to his advantage with a tremendous convincing power. The positive and a flourishing industrial climate build up in Gujarat is one big reason why leading corporates both from India and abroad flock to vibrant Gujarat for business expansion thereby making it as the best investment destination. The thumping victory for Modi was therefore on expected lines and should not come as a surprise or shock to anyone. Calling Modi, a brand name in Gujarat surely wont be a misstatement.

Srinivasan Umashankar


The race for India

This refers to the column Umpirings dirty secrets by Surjit S Bhalla (FE, December 15). The Dragon has already overtaken its rival Japan to clinch the title of the worlds second most economically powerful country, after the US. Unfortunately, India has been left behind China in the race for economic growth. In fact, our country has been caught up in the mess created by the political class. Man-made obstacles like power, politics and corruption have largely reduced the speed of the countrys economic growth. In particular, our entire system has been damaged by power, not to mention rampant corruption. Also, the countrys political system has failed to create good and strong policymakers. As a result, there is complete leadership failure in the system. Right now, the race for India is very tough in that it needs great minds and inspiring leaders. To begin with, effective and greater efforts are necessary to increase the size of the countrys economy. Only then can the wealth be distributed to all in the country.

P Senthil Saravana Durai


Deserves condemnation

It is unfortunate that Alexander M Kadakin, the Russian Ambassador to India, has gone overboard to comment that the protests made by the nuclear activists against the commissioning of the Kudankulam reactor are gimmicks and games. The nuclear issue aside, the point to think is have we pawned our sovereignty to the Russians All right thinking nationals irrespective of their political affiliations should come forward to look into the matter why the Ambassador made such remarks

Tharcius S Fernando


Single power of control

The National Investment Board as proposed by the finance minister P Chidambaram has been watered down and turned into a toothless Cabinet Committee on Investment (CCI). If difference of opinion among ministers of various departments is a cause of concern for taking decisions, such departments can be brought under one minister so that decisions could be speedily taken and implemented. This could reduce the number of ministers, improve efficiency, reduce corruption and have responsibility fixed.

Jacob Sahayam