Letters to the editor

Updated: Dec 24 2012, 07:04am hrs
Unfortunate quota politics

The Bill to provide quota for promotions in government jobs is a political tool and an expression of vote bank politics. The governments decision to amend the Constitution of India for promotional quota is absurd and damaging for the countrys welfare and economic development, as such schemes can lead to chaos. Recently, it was reported that the Haj House in Mumbai has started a civil service examination coaching centre for Muslims to increase their representation in the IAS and other allied services. Such steps are welcome, but not quota politics. Reservation flies in the face of merit. It is only a politically-convenient way of taking care of the backward classes.

Mahesh Kapasi

New Delhi

Licence Raj, in its new avatar

Apropos of the editorial Corruption window (FE, December 10), the hidden cost of project delays is immense, especially with high cost of capital. Corruption, bureaucracy, delays, harassment cause a lot of damage to the economy. Forget big-ticket items, even to set up a modest retail unit, as many as 30-odd licences are needed. Does the window for clearance need to be that big The fact is that the licence-permit Raj still works in closed rooms with no provision of a window for clearance, except perhaps a drop box for the offerings!

R Narayanan


Good scheme, bad execution

Cash transfer scheme would curb corruption: Congress (FE, December 17). And the Union minister for rural development Jairam Ramesh has added that it will directly benefit beneficiaries and would bring transformation of the common people. The question is not about the benefits of the scheme. As BJP leader Yashwant Sinha has pointed out in the Express Groups Idea Exchange (December 16), why was it politicised announcing it from the Congress headquarters and going with it in a hurry without proper discussion and removing whatever defects it might carry Can we afford to have a good scheme to be badly implemented in a hurry

Jacob Sahayam