Letters to the editor

Updated: Dec 22 2012, 07:29am hrs
Reservation in promotion

It has been reported that a huge number of Uttar Pardesh employees resorted to strike against the quota Bill that seeks to provide reservation in promotions. The strike is justifiable. Vote-bank politics is plunging to an all-time low. Space for people hailing from majority class in employment market is already fast shrinking due to reservation in recruitment almost crossing 50% against the guidelines of the Supreme Court. People from so-called major communities or so-called forward communities are the less privileged ones today. Their share in employment opportunities are fast dwindling. Now the issue is being exacerbated by pushing the quota Bill in matters of promotion also. The government must wake up before the issue snow-balls into a major controversy. Posterity will not forgive if injustice is caused to others in the name of giving social justice to one segment of the society.

KV Seetharamaiah, Hassan, Karnataka