Letters to the editor

Updated: Dec 17 2012, 05:34am hrs
Political opportunism

Apropos of the news story Mayawati with govt on retail FDI vote (FE, December 7), BSP chief Mayawatis U-turn on retail-FDI is nothing new for our opportunistic politicians. Parliament is the highest forum of expression of peoples will and has the obligation of carrying the will of the majority, no matter how flawed or strange that might be. If Mayawati really was for retail-FDI, then what explains the fact that, as the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, she didnt allow Reliance to operate in multi-brand retail trade in the state and political vandalism forced the company to close its retail centres. The current character of Indian politics means that Walmart and other foreign retailers may not have a smooth sailing in India.

MC Joshi,


Think game, not records

As the Indian cricket team plumbs from a mess to a deeper one, one wonders what the BCCI and the selection panel is doing to stem the rot If the whitewashes in England and Australia were conveniently swept aside as the inability to come to terms with foreign conditions, then pray how the team lost on a turning track in more comfortable environs to England, especially in Mumbai and Kolkata Has captain Dhoni at last run out of excuses for the pathetic form of the team and his own I doubt that for the man has a way with words and would continue to come up with excuses as long as the powers that be continue to believe that hes the best captain to lead the team. It defies logic that despite stating during the England tour that hed have to retire from Test cricket for leading the Indian team in the shorter version, the people managing Indian cricket refused to take cognisance of the same. Why Is Dhoni as great as Mike Brearley to find a place in the Test team despite his pathetic performance as a player in the recent past Accountability has never been the cornerstone of Indian cricket. Else, players like Zaheer Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Harbhajan Singh and MS Dhoni would at least be taking a sabbatical to set things right with their game. It seems the Indian obsession with creating records is coming in way of the game of cricket. And what to talk to records Remember, the great Kapil Dev prolonged his career to break Sir Richard Hadlees record. And then Kapils record was eclipsed soon enough! It seems the Indian team needs to told: Think game, not records. Else, the 2011 Cricket World Cup win will go down the annals of history as a fluke.

C Srihari,