Letters to the editor

Updated: Dec 13 2012, 09:04am hrs
FDI in cultural debate

This refers to the column FDI as a tool of social liberation (FE, December 11). Cultures, values, ethics are fast changing with globalisation and innovation in technology. In metro cities, for instance, barely few ask for surnames while introducing themselves; point is that the first name does not reveals caste or specific identity and that revelation is not needed altogether. Advent of malls in cities, Delhi Metro (and upcoming metros in various cities in India), etc, means that caste and religion barriers are being broken in urban India; this is unlike small shops in non-metro cities. MK Venu has rightly stated that for an average Dalit the process of globalisation offers an escape from his current oppressive social condition.

Shishir Sindekar

BYK College of Commerce, Nasik

Strategies are needed

This refers to the editorial Dohas impact (FE, December 11). Monsoon vagaries are not only a cause for concern but also a chance to think over some foolproof strategies. Natural phenomena like El Nino and La Nina are nothing but a result of global warming. It is also to be noted that the current global economic slowdown coupled with climate change is a big threat to the interests of all the nations. Therefore, all countries should come forward to resolve the issue of global warming.

P Senthil Saravana Durai