Letters to the editor

Updated: Dec 11 2012, 06:23am hrs
A foreign hand

This is regarding the news story China to gain most from GMRs Male woes (FE, December 8). As GMR Infrastructure has said, a foreign hand cannot be ruled out. Wherever and whenever we face some problem, China takes advantage. Earlier it was through Sri Lanka and now the Maldives. Could it be a failure of our diplomacy We have to be more careful and build up our defence in the Navy, Army and Air Force. Only our strength can bring neighbours closer.

Jacob Sahayam


Merge weak PSU banks

While there is already a huge budgetary deficit, the central government has still decided to divert huge amountof R15,000 crorefor capital infusion to 3 weak PSU banks to improve their capital adequacy ratios (CAR) as per the Basel norms, instead of adopting prudent steps of merging weak state-run banks with strong PSU banks with better CARs.

Our finance minister P Chidambaram, in his earlier stint as FM, was very keen on the merger of PSU banks and creating big banks which would be strong enough to compete with foreign banking giants. But now, after taking over from Pranab Mukerjee for a second stint as FM, Chidambaram is surprisingly not at all broaching this subject.

Some of the weak PSU banks, like Central Bank of India, have too much head weight, in the sense that they have too many executive posts unnecessarily created to accommodate politically influential officers and union leaders. So, the merger of PSU banks will trim 50% of such redundant executive posts and enhance banks efficiency and profitability.

It will also give scope for reducing the number of loss-making-branches by closing the over-lapping branches after the merger, without affecting the inclusive banking policy of the government.

Ravi Bhasker Singh


Political opportunists

FDI is not for the benefit of the country but it has now become a political exploitation subject! On FDI, the parties of Mayawati and Mulayam Singh Yadav voting in favour of UPA-2 proves that their eyes are on the PMs chair. They must feel the Congress can help them in reaching Delhi. Otherwise, why would they have voted for the Congress if they just recently opposed FDI in their states (remember how Reliance Retail shops were forcefully closed in UP). If FDI is no good in their state, how can it be good for the nation It is a clear case of kissa kursi kathey have proved themselves opportunist and shown that the nations interests are not in their agenda. FDI has become a politicians subject only.

Also, accepting FDI is going Pakistans way. Their manufacturing is minimum and selling of foreign brands is maximum. It is an invitation for foreigners to rule not only Indian markets but is also similar to the entry of the East India Company.

Mahesh Kumar

New Delhi