Letters to the editor

Updated: Dec 7 2012, 07:34am hrs
Direct cash transfer & FDI

Cash transfer and FDI in multi-brand retail are two subjects that are being intensely debated. But the reforms envisaged are only a beginning. If FDI in multi-brand retail is not able to bring along with it infrastructure development that we lack in storage, it will not be of much use. And cash transfer could be a heavy burden if not administered properly and improved upon, as Meghnad Desai has pointed out in Cash and carry on (FE, December 3).

Jacob Sahayam, Thiruvananthapuram

Among top five

This refers to the news story Bharti AXA Lifes new eProtect (FE, December 5). The story mentions Bharti AXA Life Insurance CEO Sandeep Ghosh as quoting: Among six, we have become one of the top five players in the online term segment. Whereas his quote in the original press release was: Within six months of launch, we are currently amongst the top five players in the online term market.

Pritika Shah,

AVP, Marketing & Communication Bharti AXA Life Insurance