Letters to the editor

Updated: Nov 22 2012, 02:05am hrs
Why multi-member CAG

Recently, V Narayanasamy talked about making the CAG a multi-member body. When the CAG exposed a number of major scams that took place under the Congress-led UPA-2, almost everyone in the government wanted to undermine the independent functioning of the CAG. It seems the governments proposal to make the CAG a multi-member body is a reflection of its inability to accept the scrutiny and criticism of a constitutional body. The argument put forth by many in the government to improve the efficiency of the office of the CAG on the pattern of the CEC is untenable. There is a provision in the Constitution that the appointment of the Election Commission shall consist of the chief election commissioners and such number of other election commissioners, if any. But in the case of CAG there is no such provision. Thus, there is no compatibility between these two constitutional bodies.

SK Khosla, Chandigarh