Letters to the editor: What India needs

Updated: Feb 15 2014, 10:30am hrs
In his column "What the next government needs to do" (FE, February 13), SL Rao has laid out an overview of what India needs from its next prime minister. India is not Gujaratneither is all of the rest of India as fertile as Gujarat's agricultural belts nor does it have decades of industrialisation. And to say the least, the rest of India may not be as industrious and entrepreneurial as the Gujaratis. Parties like the Aam Aadmi Party have come and gone. But, at present, we have a better atmosphere with improved technology, an alert media, laws like the RTI Act, etc that bring power to the people and transparency. So the parties or the alliances that aspire for power should come with manifestos that have definite plans and programmes along with schemes for implementation.

Jacob Sahayam


Kejriwals gassing around

Apropos of Gassing policy debates, there is no rationale Arvind Kejriwal could have for action against Veerappa Moily and Murli Deora. The growing cost of exploration and the reluctance of investors for investing in gas projects makes the need for hiking gas prices dire.

NR Nagarajan, Sivakasi