Letters to the editor: Welcome 2014

Updated: Jan 2 2014, 02:59am hrs
The year 2013 leaves us with many good Ideas expressed (FE, December 30), with many highs and lows. We ring in the New Year that may turn to be an year of implementation and performance that brings peace and prosperity. Primary would be the hopes of growth recovery on the back of global economic strengths and maybe a stable government in India some time by the middle of this year. Politically, the whole nation will also keenly watch the performance of the Aam Aadmi Party in the upcoming national elections. As you pointed out in your editorial Hesitatingly, into 2014 (FE, December 31), the best thing about 2013, on the face of it, is that it is over. Yet, for all its problems, it was a year in which a lot got done to prepare India for 2014 under, hopefully, a more decisive political leadership. We wait and watch.

Jacob Sahayam