Letters to the editor: Waiting for growth

Updated: Dec 14 2013, 09:44am hrs
This refers to the editorial What voters want (FE, December 9). Of course, these mini-elections proved that the modern voters are not necessarily looking for freebies and they severely punished the mandate holders for corruption and flip-flap in governance. The over-leveraged India Inc has miserably failed to woo investors; so opening the vistas for key investments, by the government and the private sector, and developing public-private participation (PPP) projects in key resource areas like coal and iron ore mines to step up investment should be the way to go as of now. Tentative electoral changes may cheer up parties but these wont help the corporate sector in any way. And we might have to wait forever for growth.

NR Nagarajan

Sri Kaliswari College, Sivakasi

Reading BJP

Apropos of the column Reading the tea leaves (FE, December 9), the BJP was very shrewd in the passage of legislations during the last five years of the UPA-2 government. It probably allowed those legislations to pass which seemed to have little impact on vote count. Whereas it offered stiff resistance to legislations in which the people had expressed their annoyance like the multi-brand retail. The GST and the DTC are also delayed willy-nilly. It allowed the Food Security Bill to go through. Whereas the retrospective tax, pension and insurance bill were allowed to be dealt as per the capacity of the nation. As the author pointed out, it is not clear whether the BJP will be able to lift the economy or not, as the BJP has not said anything about its economic programme. It did not oppose the Food Security Bill. It is yet to outline how it will control inflation. What does all this say

RK Arya