Letters to the editor: The role of HR

Updated: Jul 18 2014, 08:10am hrs
Apropos of Mercedes-Benzs Suhas Kadlaskar interview We have zero attrition among our blue-collar employees (FE, July 5), it was interesting to know about the work culture at this German companys plant in India. The fact that Mercedes has never had a single day of production loss in its two decades of operations in India can be the subject of case study in Indian business schools. At the same time, the Indian automotive companies which have experienced worker unrest must review the role of HR. Finally, one must understand that productive workforce is a companys best resource and it takes lot of affirmative actions and time to build one. And the workforce, in turn, should believe in the vision and mission of the company and work towards accomplishing the same.

Bhopal Singh Verma


Need better land law

Apropos of the editorial Landing an opportunity (FE, July 16), though issues like compensating the landowner and paying the right compensation could be solved, the major hurdle is state cooperation with the central government. There must be a common law for land acquisition across India and landowners should be adequately compensated. The existing Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act is crippling industry, something that has been acknowledged by senior government officials.

NR Nagarajan