Letters to the editor: The right campaign

Updated: Jan 25 2014, 08:40am hrs
This refers to the editorial Three cylinders of gas (FE, January 18). Rahul Gandhis high-decibel speech at the AICC session in Delhi contained little more than what he had said in his speeches earlier. He is still to realise that inflation and corruption are the major issues for the people. The 70-crore strong lower middle class he has now talked about has been hit hard due to flawed policies of the UPA government and gas-cylinder politics is hardly going to work. The BJP, with no baggage of failures and follies like the Congress, has also to realise that it is not a Congress-mukta but a corruption-mukta, vikas-yukta Bharat is what matters most for the people. Public-support for the third prospective contestant, the AAP, is going down rapidly due to its own contradictions and guerrilla-type governance moves. It may prove to be a spoiler in the process of formation of a stable government at the Centre.

MC Joshi, Lucknow