Letters to the editor: Social media

Updated: Mar 2 2014, 04:50am hrs
Social media

This refers to the articles Social media can influence elections and govt formation by Nilambari Wadke and Ground realities limit social medias impact by Pawanpreet Kaur (FE, February 24). What we call as social media is actually internet-driven electronic medium which is unfamiliar to the rural voters that constitute the large majority of the Indian electorate. It is, therefore, unlikely that the social media can have any substantial influence in elections and government formation. It may influence the election in a big way in countries like the US or the UK where the social media has deep penetration and the citizenry is educationally and technically sound. Moreover, Indian voters, whether urban or rural, have shown time and again that irrespective of everything what others say, they take their own decision in polls.

MC Joshi


Aadhaar's importance

Aadhaar loses its unique identity (FE, February 22) is not good news. Nandan Nilekani has put it on the right track. Your editorial End of Aadhaar (FE, February 22) has raised the doubt whether Nilekani's decision to quit and join politics will be a big blow to the project. It is all in the hands of the government. If it is serious, Aadhaar can be made more efficient. It can save money, help to eliminate corruption and cumbersome procedures, help to solve many problems of price, employment, security, etc. Why can't Nilekani outside can be made more useful than being inside and some one who can be more useful found out Many political parties that have come up with a big bang claiming that they are different from others have come and gone. The AAP need not be different. The agitation in the last few days has not added credit to it. We cannot run a government on a khap panchayat model. People should change to change governments and vice-versa.

Perhaps with advances in technology and knowledge, we are on the road to achieve this. Whichever government may take over may, in fact, becomes a part of the flow which is why change seems so difficult.

Jacob Sahayam